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A fiery night

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  • November 6, 2015

CocoWith the winter holidays near upon us, London becomes the city of festivals, with different events being organized through the last couple months of the year.  This weekend is one of the many busy ones ahead of me. Keeping my weekends busy as a London escort is not exactly hard, but there are times like these when my phone won’t stop ringing. This is how I got a new client a couple of days ago who’s spending this weekend in London, and was looking for some companionship.
Being new in town, he asked me what we could do to pass the early hours of the night, so I made sure to have a full itinerary prepared for him for this weekend. And the main attractions? I’m in love with fireworks, so I made sure to visit one each night this weekend, so I planned to bring him along as well. Of course, being a high-class escort does have it’s benefits for him, as I know a lot of other places where we can have some great time together. And for the aftermath? I am fairly confident that his hotel room hasn’t seen such fiery nights in a very long time.