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A party to remember

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  • September 2, 2015

London is a great city and a very big one, I might add. Partying night in and night out is not a problem if that’s what you’re out for. However, there are a few select parties that are not so public, mostly “invite only”. One such memorable party was a few years back. A local football team had a great seasonal year, and a few of the players organized a party to celebrate. I barely started my career as an escort back then, and was a bit taken aback to see so many London escorts booked for only one party.
As it turns out, the guys called a few London escort agencies and booked the girls they liked the most, no matter their rates. I saw a few other girls from our agency that I knew, and things progressed quickly. It was a great night and I’ve had a lot of fun, which is not surprising given that there were a lot of us, boys and girls, who liked to party, amongst other ways to pass the time.