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A strange fantasy

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  • March 24, 2016

KayI guess when it comes to people nothings should amaze us. When it comes to our own well-being we can be extremely innovative and have so many different ways of seeking and finding pleasure. The story I’m about to tell you happened in London, where I work as a secretary during the day, and as an agency escort in my own time. I know it sounds like a dream to a lot of men, but it’s totally true.
Last year I got a strange call from the agency asking me if I would be willing to have a role-playing client. I said why not, if the money is good, but as usual, I asked for some details beforehand. I almost dropped the phone when the receptionist told me the client would like to meet dressed in a bunny costume. And it wasn’t going to be me wearing it. I guess I remained speechless because the receptionist asked me if I was still there. Taking the job seriously is the only way you can work in this business and, as many London escorts like me, it wasn’t going to be the strangest thing I’ve done.
So, with my appointment in place, I got nicely dressed and got on my way to the client’s condo – not without a bit of stress, I mighty add, given the strange request. To my surprise, this guy turned out to be perfectly normal – if there is such a thing at all. He was half dressed up in his costume by the time I got there, and was very polite from the beginning. He explained that he chose this set-up only to have some fun, as he got bored by the same old same old routine of his previous encounters with his lady partners. So he booked a London escort and got the costume as an accessory to make things a bit more interesting. Besides my initial reluctance we hit it off pretty well and the couple of hours I spent with him turned out to be one of the greatest fun I ever had. We did get to have some fun and, as a real professional, I made sure he was fully satisfied with the services a London escort has to offer.