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A traveler’s life

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  • February 18, 2016

ShikaDue to my work, I often find myself traveling from one city to another, one continent to another in order to meet with new clients or simply to check on our offices. Doing all this traveling alone can be very boring at times, especially when you have nothing to do or no one to talk to for a long, 16-hour flight.
I often found myself wondering the streets of the city at the end of a long day, to walk of the stress and the tiredness. I preferred this rather than going back to my hotel and spending the night watching TV or browsing the internet. While I was in London, I asked a colleague what would he recommend I do during the few days I spent there. Being a funny guy, he jokingly said – Why, I’d book an escort to keep me warm, of course. I smiled at his remark, but it didn’t seem like such a bad idea.
Said and done, I decided to search for some independent escorts in London, and soon found a girl whose pictures I liked. I called her and asked if she would be available for an appointment, and we ended up with a meeting for the next day. She was happy to come to my hotel, so I asked to come by at 8pm.
She was punctual, and almost took my breadth away. She wore a very sexy outfit below her long coat, and my imagination started running wildly just by looking at her. Initially I only wanted to spend an hour with her, but we ended up enjoying each other’s company for close to 3 hours. Of course, being a gentleman I tipped her generously for her services, and promised to call her the next time I’ll be in town. I can’t say she will be the one who will be eagerly looking forward to the next time I’m in town.