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Almost there… just a little longer

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  • May 14, 2015

MaraMisleading as it may be, I'm not talking about any of my fantasies, rather than about the fact that it's Thursday, and after a few more hours of work, the weekend fun begins. Don't know about you, but I like spending my weekends in the company of a beautiful lady (note necessarily the same one).  There are a lot of gorgeous escorts out there who, for very little, offer very much in return. This week I decided to go for an escort from a London escort agency who's name I won't give you. Let's just say that I liked her genuine photos and I've been dealing with their agency before. Quick response, extremely friendly receptionist and stunning girls are the main reason I chose to book with them again.
What can I say? I simply like to live well and, if that means spending a bit more money now and then, so be it. I do the same when I go to see a football game, so why not spend some with a gorgeous lady who can make me feel good and excited in other ways? Something to think about while making your plans for the next weekend...