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An exquisite birthday present

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  • July 12, 2016

JelaMy birthday is in July, and this year I go to celebrate my 30th birthday. Although I’m not very self-conscious, I still felt a bit depressed for reaching 30. But you can’t be in your happy twenties all your life, right? I suspected my girlfriend will have a surprise party along with some nice present, but what actually happened just blew my mind.
She asked me last month if I’d like to do something special for my birthday, and I agreed we should try something wild. So we agreed to take a few vacation days and have a trip to London. We got to a fancy hotel and spent the day before my birthday visiting the city and generally having fun. In the morning I turned 30, I woke up to a bottle of champagne and my girlfriend wearing something very exciting. My first thought was, if this is in the morning, I cannot wait for the night to begin.
We fooled around all day, not even bothering to leave the hotel. Around 8pm, someone knocked at the door, which was surprising given we didn’t expect anyone. I answered anyway and was a bit surprised to see a blonde beauty waiting outside. When I opened the door, she simply walked in like we knew each other for years. I just stood there like a statue, while my girlfriend couldn’t stop giggling at the scene. Before I could say anything rude, the girl explained that she was to be my birthday present. As it turned out, she was an agency escort working in London, and my baby hired her for a bit of fun. We always played with the idea of including someone in our intimacy, but I never thought she would actually go ahead and hire a blonde, busty escort just to give me something truly exciting for my birthday.
Although a bit stressed, the night turned out to be extremely pleasant for all three of us and, if anything, our bond is stronger than ever. My only concern after this night was that she’ll reach my age next year and I’ll have to come up with something to at least get close to our adventure with a London escort.