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  • July 22, 2015

KateI'm not going to ask if you've ever been with an escort before. I suppose you do have some bookings under your belt (no pun intended) so spending time with an escort is no strange thing for you. But, I think I'm also correct when I say that they may all have been ”regular” escorts, be they busty, blondes, brunettes, etc. And that's fine, as these girls can give you a wonderful couple of hours to spend with them. The escorts I'll be talking about today are high-class London escorts, be they may be working for a London escort agency or as independents. Now why would you book a high-class escort? Independent escorts are way cheaper when it comes to their hourly rates. The same is true for agency escorts, and there are even more out there you can choose from. And that's fine, if you only seek companionship for a short while. In our opinion, high class escorts are not to be booked for less than an overnight stay, and, usually, the more the better. They are a class of their own, elite escorts who's real profession is to seduce you, and yet to make you feel like a god in your own rights. Whenever you show up with a real high-class escort at your side, you'll be watched jealously by men and get furtive glances from women. She is the epitome of femininity, a real lady who is a perfect companion for any public event. That is, until you get to the bedroom...