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A great start for the summer

DiorAs a single guy, one of my hobbies is to visit big cities while on vacation, especially during summer. I visited a lot of big cities like Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona – and the list could go on. It’s a really great way to spend my vacations. This year I made a short visit to London and I really liked my stay, although the weather wasn’t exactly the best. I visited a lot of places and I was getting tired of wandering around the city.
Having nothing more to do for the Saturday night, I was thinking on spicing things up a little so I picked up the phone and booked an authentic London escort for a bit of fun. Since I booked an incall, I made sure to arrive at the escort’s place on time, freshly showered and smelling really nice. I knew she was really hot, but when she opened the door she simply let me speechless. She was a gorgeous blonde, a bit smaller then me, with a really nice smile in those short pants and really fitting t-shirt (I bet it was at least 2 numbers smaller). I already saw her washing a car in that sexy outfit in a hot sunny day and I felt really hot in the moment.
The girl was really sweet, we had a quick chat, I told her a bit about myself, the places I’ve been. We opened the bottle of wine I brought for her, and by the time we reached our second glass the air became suddenly hot and we started getting rid of all those uncomfortable clothes. I really enjoyed helping her get out of that small t-shirt and loved watching her get rid of the rest. I had a great couple of hours with her and this gorgeous agency escort will always make me remember my London escapade.
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