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Changing my sexual perspective

YunaI absolutely love being a woman but sometimes, being bit of a deep soul, I do find myself pondering what it might be like to be a man. Not because I want to be one, but the rules seem to be so different for men and just for one day I’d like to be able to do what a guy does. Obviously I don’t mean doing things like standing up while I take a pee, or putting my hands down my trousers and scratching my family jewels. I’m talking about seeing the view of life through a man’s eyes and experiencing the sort of testosterone levels that a man feels when he looks at a gorgeous woman and feels that ball-aching pull of sheer physical lust. Obviously I know how it feels to be desired because I’m one of the highly sought after Asian escorts that you can find in London Escorts Agencies. I never get over the excitement of a guy when we first meet – without fail they look like cheeky little boys who’ve been given the key to the best sweet shop in the world. I know that Asian escorts are considered particularly hot by the gents, and it really shows when I get up close and personal on a date. I’m not complaining though, and actually when I really think about it, I don’t think I’d swap being a woman for a man, not even for a day.

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