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JasminWhen I was a teenage girl, I used to be really hung up on my body. Part of the ‘problem’, as I saw it then, was that I was an early developer and I had really big boobs and butt by the time I was in my mid teens. I was so uncomfortable about it because the boys at school would tease me mercilessly and sometimes even the girls too. Especially if I was getting changed for sports and the girls would comment about the size of my chest.At the time, I didn’t understand why the kids would be so mean, but now as a grown woman I understand completely. It wasn’t that the girls were being mean, they were just really jealous! And the boys weren’t being creepy; they were just in awe of my incredible bangers and my succulent backside!It took me a while to realise that men LOVE big boobs! And when you’ve got a round juicy booty as well, you’re going to be in high demand! That’s why I joined Independent Escorts because I just love to watch a guys face when I start taking off my clothes to show him what I’ve got. The guys I meet are always telling me how amazing my curves are and how much they want to get their hands on them. I love the fact that my soft, luscious body is appreciated so much. Hook up with London Escorts, we’re the best.

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