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Bring it on…

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  • August 5, 2015

LucyPeople usually complain through the week, and they get over it as soon as the work is over on Fridays. However, for a London agency escort – and a successfull one at that – there’s not much of a difference. I know how to please and usually make it so I’m pleased as well, but a night out in town is a common occurrence. Sure, weekends are simply crazy, but London’s nightlife is a great deal of fun throughout the week.
I get bookings through the escort agencies I work for by different types of clients. They are usually the “come at my place” types with a short, 1-2 hour bookings, but there are more excentric ones out there as well. One of the guys took me out to a movie and then dropped me off – one of the strangest bookigns I had, just to mention one. So, even if London is really interesting during weekends, for me as an agency escort there’s not much place for boredom throughout the week – just the way I like it.