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Enjoying the sticky summer weather

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  • July 8, 2014

KikiSome of my friends at London Escort Agencies make fun of me for saying this, but I actually really enjoy the British weather! I know, I can hear you saying ‘are you mad? You can’t rely on the weather here for anything, it’s so unpredictable’. That’s the whole point! It’s exciting! From one day to the next, you can’t predict what the weather will be like. I love that, it means that there’s always something different to expect. In the summer, it gets really hot but that doesn’t mean it’s always sunny. There can be days of sunshine and I’ll be in the park topping up my tan in a skimpy bikini, then out of nowhere there will be a huge thunderstorm and the rain will pour down. While everyone else is running for shelter, I’ll be the girl still lying there on the grass enjoying those lovely warm raindrops soaking my hot skin. It’s so refreshing. Then five minutes later, the sun will be out again, scorching hot and there’s not a cloud in the sky! I don’t know, maybe it’s because I come from a country which has monsoons in the summer season and I’m used to it. The rain is like a sheet of water coming down from the sky for maybe an hour or two, and then before you know it the sun is blazing down and everyone is back on the beach! Like other Asian Oriental Escorts I know, I’m used to crazy weather and it doesn’t bother me at all – I love it.