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Fast cars and beautiful ladies

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  • October 20, 2015

NadineWith summer gone and winter looming closer, I tend to stay more and more inside. I think ladies agree that we prefer spending our time on the hottest days on sunny beaches, sunbathing, drinking a margarita and watching those young, muscled men doing their best to impress us. As a London agency escort, I had my fill of this year’s best festivals and events in London. What stood out for me, however, was a weekend booking with one of my dearest clients, who saw fit to buy a couple of tickets to this year’s F1 Grand Prix. Of course, he wanted to show up with a beautiful lady at his side, so he chose his favorite London escort – his words, not mine.
As a newbie to F1, I can tell you that it was quite spectacular. The sound of the fastest cars you‘ll ever see was simply deafening while the pilots prepared to launch themselves into the race. I didn’t get many of it, as I’m not a fan myself - but hey, my client tipped me well and I had a great weekend walking around those fancy cars and had some great nights. I never thought that that car sports could turn out to be so interesting for London agency escorts.