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Get in line for New Year’s party

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  • December 22, 2015

ShikaI love to party. I know, coming from a girl – especially a London independent escort this is not much of a statement – but that’s the truth. This is partially the main reason I decided to try my luck as an independent escort. Moving to London and getting a job here wasn’t much of a deal for me, or maybe I just got lucky. But when you try and squeeze your regular job with your nightlife, you’ll soon notice that one of the two will have to take absolute priority. And it isn’t going to be the nightlife.
I love to live my life to it’s fullest, and I never cared much for tomorrow. I live in the today and now, and make the best of it as much as I can. So, partying and escorting seemed the perfect match for me, and boy was I right. Especially when the end of the year is looming closer by the day and everybody is trying to decide where to go, which party to attend to. All I do is wait for my phone to ring and see who will take out a gorgeous young woman for a dance on the last day of the year. 
As usual, this year also seems to be a bit more crowded, and one of my clients already made sure to book me for the 31st and the 1st well in advance. So much about “if” I’m going somewhere to party. And the best thing? My clients book an escort exactly for this reason – I flirt and dance and generally make their celebration a very special night. The fact that I’m also at work doesn’t bother me much, for as long as the company’s good, the drinks are free and my client will tip me generously at the end of the night.