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  • December 19, 2016

I love summer. I love everything about it. Everybody is so much more relaxed when the sun is shining and everyone just wants to enjoy themselves.
I find that I meet the most interesting guys in the summer time as well. I don’t know why that is – perhaps it’s because I live in London and so many people come to visit as tourists. It’s always fascinating for me to meet different nationalities and find out what makes them tick, and I’m so lucky that in the job I do with Independent Escorts I get to spend time with such a variety of guys.
If I had to pick my favourite nationality, it would be hard. For example, there’s the European guys, like French and Italian men – my god they are so hot blooded and passionate and make love like you are the only woman in the world. But then there’s the Middle Eastern guys who treat me like a princess and worship my body as if it was a precious jewel. Japanese men are so sexy just because they are so polite and have such good manners, even in the bedroom – that’s such a turn on! But I have to admit my favourite of all are English guys because they start off so quiet and shy, and end up being the filthiest, naughtiest boys of all!
Whatever your nationality, if you hook up with me, I guarantee that you’ll never forget London escorts!