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How to Relax at Work

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  • May 15, 2014

NatashaSome of my friends say I am a perfectionist, and I would have to agree with them. This can be seen as a backhanded compliment, but to be honest with you I think it is the highest praise. The fact is - when you are in the elite group of London escorts you must be at the top of your game. On the day I see my date, I always make sure I’ve booked into an exclusive London spa for a few hours of luxury treatments so that I can be thoroughly prepared for the evening’s entertainment. I usually check what colour nail polish a guy would like on my hands and toes – some like red hot crimson and others favour the natural French look - so a manicure and pedicure are standard treatments. Of course the bikini wax is very important and I like to check what my date would prefer, whether it’s a Brazilian, Hollywood or Vajazzle! Otherwise known as semi-nude, nude or decorated! Most important of all is a deluxe, full body massage because it gets me totally relaxed and focused on the night ahead.  The masseur’s expert hands loosen me up completely which means that later I can concentrate all my attention on my date and transfer all that sensual energy to him. It’s a little trick I picked up along the way from a girlfriend who is with another of the London escort agencies, and it means that my gentlemen always have the perfect experience!