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Jazz and girls

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  • November 11, 2015

IsabelleIf you happen to be in London this week, you are very lucky. In case you didn’t know, this Friday will give the start to the London Jazz Festival, one of the biggest music events of the year in London – not counting the endless stream of concerts, of course. If you like jazz like I do, then you, my friend, will feel like in heaven these upcoming days. I remember my trip in London a few years back – I postponed my trip to the UK until November to make sure I’ll catch the jazz festival while I’m in the city.
I still like to remember the night performances of the countless jazz players, the crowds going from one place to another looking for the best performers - I also did my share of searching for the best places I could still find available. All in all, it was a pleasant stay. Even more pleasant since I shared my passion for jazz with a young lady I met online. She’s a London independent escort and I was talking with her before I arrived in London, as to make sure she was available for the few nights I stayed in town. All in all, she was a beautiful girl and I really enjoyed our time together. So, if you happen to be in London during the festival, make sure you won’t go alone – book an escort and enjoy the magic of jazz together.