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Let’s get physical!

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  • May 28, 2014

AlexaBeing a girly girl I’m not the biggest sports fan, but like everyone else, I’m a sucker for the main events, whether it’s the Olympics, Wimbledon or of course, the football World Cup. There’s something so incredibly exciting about everyone coming together to cheer on their country and support their teams.

There’s also the minor (!) detail of all the phenomenally fit, gorgeous sportsmen that us girls get to feast our eyes on. It’s such a huge turn on watching them sweating and panting in their tight sports gear.
Whether it’s the swimmers in their tiny speedos which really put all their wares on display, or the sprinters who leave nothing to the imagination with their lycra onesies, it’s almost too much for a girl to handle!

I must admit though when it comes to eye candy, if I had to choose my favourite sport to watch, it would have to be football. All those buff young guys with their big muscled thighs and washboard stomachs make me so hot! I love watching them running around for 90 minutes showing off their amazing stamina and imagining what they could do to me in the bedroom. Working for Independent Escorts, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few footballers, and they’ve never disappointed me – they’ve got a big sexual appetite and so have I which means that everybody’s happy! I love to go all night so if you do too, get in touch with me, London Escorts finest.