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The art of BDSM
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Nationality European
Location Kensington
Tube Station Edgware Road


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Domina and Slave Girls The art of BDSM
Domina and Slave Girls The art of BDSM
Domina and Slave Girls The art of BDSM
Domina and Slave Girls The art of BDSM
Domina and Slave Girls The art of BDSM
Domina and Slave Girls The art of BDSM
Domina and Slave Girls The art of BDSM
ComplexionLight Tan
LanguagesEnglish, Body & Mind Language

Searching for the BDSM arts offered by Domina Octavia, London Dominatrix?

It is highly recommended that you read this material before calling or scheduling a meeting.

A breath of fresh air, Domina Octavia breaks up the otherwise monotonous dominatrix scenario. She has a strong, passionate personality, is youthful, attractive, intelligent, and in complete control of any circumstance. She lives a BDSM lifestyle and is a natural dominatrix.

Domina Octavia has a strong enthusiasm for planning excellent sessions for her slaves. She doesn’t respect authority and doesn’t give a damn about your social standing. During the enchanted hours you spend as her slave, you will be put in your place and kept there.

Her polished demeanour conveys a serious message. She is quite proud of her expanding assortment of amazing PVC, latex, and leather outfits. Her vital statistics are undoubtedly known to every fetish designer in London, and she rarely visits a boutique without adding to her collection.

It is important to understand that Domina Octavia does not offer intimate services, nor is it ever permitted to participate in sexual activity!

Domina Octavia possesses exceptional talent in the field of BDSM. She will tailor any session to your service fantasies because she has a wealth of professional BDSM experience. She offers her services to discerning males, couples, and single women. Whether you are a novice to BDSM or an experienced connoisseur, she can deliver light-to-heavy sessions catered to your wishes.

The heavier side of BDSM is Domina’s area of expertise. She truly enjoys giving her slaves sessions where she can indulge her sadistic and cruel tendencies, causing unrestricted physical suffering in a setting that makes you feel as though you are in the grip of evil.

Domina Octavia has an entirely different side to herself, one that is centred on her innate ability to read people’s minds and body language and is incredibly sensual. When it comes to sensing what her client wants and when to give it to them, she never fails to elevate pleasure to the brink of complete nirvana. She has advanced to the highest degree in the art of sensuous dominance thanks to her talent.

Furthermore, she has integrated White Tantra with her extensive background in BDSM to produce a distinctive service that combines Tantra’s outcomes with BDSM’s multitude of activities. Her slaves can have entire-body orgasms and limitless joy by using particular techniques and textures that are more common in tantric therapy.

Domina Octavia is an important part of the close-knit BDSM community, and others there are always willing to accommodate her requirements or help her during her sessions. Domina really enjoys her sessions when a girl who is naturally subservient is around. Please visit the DOMINA&SUBGIRL website if this scenario piques your curiosity.

Please be aware that Domina Octavia was born a Scorpio and she therefore exudes the power, sexiness, and unpredictability of this most compelling sign of the zodiac. Beware of the sting in her tail!

Domina Octavia is available for sessions at several very well-equipped Central London chambers and playrooms (for more information, please check the navigation link near the top of every page entitled CHAMBERS). Domina Octavia is also happy to visit you in your hotel room or for an outcall in your own home if you are based in Central London. The minimum time for an outcall appointment is two hours.

Domina Octavia of London – Japanese Rope Bondage – Shibari

Domina Octavia is an expert in the age-old Japanese rope bondage technique known as kinbaku or shibari. She asks her subjects to experience one of the great sensual arts, Shibari, by participating in a session with her. You can participate in Japanese bondage sessions as a sub or bottom. As an alternative, you are welcome to accompany the mistress in her role as dom or top and help her bound a submissive girl, either shemale or male.

What is rope bondage?

Japanese rope bondage is a manifestation of our innate need for dominance and submission. The model’s body is artistically arranged with ropes and knots to accentuate her strength, surrender, sensuality, and fragility.

Shibari is intimately associated with the old Asian medicinal theories of Ki-energy and Bokam. It also makes use of the meridians and Trusbo (pressure points) that are utilised in Japanese massage therapy, or Shiatsu. The body’s pressure points are stimulated when knots are positioned correctly. Many people think that a Shibari encounter increases the flow and transfer of Ki energy.

Come join us now, Please feel free to reach out to Domina Octavia by calling 0871 234 9467.

Domina and Slave Girls
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