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  • August 19, 2014

MisakiI noticed over the last week or so that the guys who’ve been in touch with me have been much more, shall we say, excitable and energetic than usual. Not that I mind – I love it when my gentleman are really enthusiastic and passionate! But I’ve been a bit baffled as to where all this energy has been coming from. That is, until I was watching television the other day and saw the trailers for the football. Yes, the Premier League is back on and the boys are completely overexcited! I’m not surprised because I’m excited too but for completely different reasons. For me, it’s all those gorgeous players and their lovely big thighs rippling with muscles! I bet they need a really good rub down after a tough game! If you’re in need of some intimate and relaxing massage, be sure to get in touch with me at London Massage Parlours and I’ll knead away your tension.