1st London Escorts

Me and my sexy shoes

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  • July 15, 2014

LaonaI was just walking home from a lovely cocktail evening with my friends. I’m afraid I was a teeny bit tiddly and wearing my very high Louboutin stilettos – can you guess what happened next? Yes, my heel got stuck in a crack in the pavement which was rather embarrassing, but luckily a handsome knight in shining armour (or rather a very sharp suit) came to my rescue and helped me out. Fortunately we managed to retrieve both my foot and sexy shoe with no damage to either!  He was almost as stressed as I was because he was a man of taste and knew how much my shoes cost. I told him about London Masseuses and suggested that he get in touch with them for a tension busting rub down. Who knows, it might even be me who does it!