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My adventure in Baker Street

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  • May 29, 2015


As a youngster, I’ve been in love with all that had any connection to misteries, be it a good detective story or some really scary horror show that perked up my imagination. What can I say, as an adult, I still like detective movies, although my interests in real life are very diverse. So when I found myself in London last month, I couldn’t help but wonder where did the fictionary detective live (I’m sure you know who I’m talking about). So I brough myself to go exploring and, since I was alone, I thought a bit of fun might just make the exploration even more interesting.

So I looked up Baker Street on the internet and curiously enough I found some beautiful ladies who offered their services to escort gentleman like me in London. I booked this wonderful young agency escort from Baker Street and guess what – I met her at the Sherlock Holmes museum. We had a great time together, and ending up in my hotel room, by the end of the day I unravelled some wonderful misteries about my beautiful companion...