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My favourite toys

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  • July 29, 2015

When I started to work as an escort, I couldn’t image I will spend so much time shopping. Not to mentioned what I am shopping for ... Life in London is so full of surprises and you can never get really bored as there’s always somethig new to see or experience. As I said, London is a big city and, as an escort, I’ve met many men in the years since I’ve been living here. And due to this, I slowly started gathering different “toys” and “accessories” I either received as a gift or was asked (nicely) to purchase them myself for a handsome bonus. Which I did, but mostly for regular clients with whom I had a great relationship.
So, back to toys and shopping, one of my favourite places is sh!. Not the cheapest, but by far one of the the best. Whenever I get in their store, time simply flies by as I look through the different accessories, lingerie and costumes and I live out my fantasies ... in my head. It would be awkward to start moaning in the middle of the shop. Although it’s not unnecessarily unheard of. Of course, there are many different shops from where you can also order online, in case you value your privacy, and these accessories can be a great deal of fun and pleasure. As for me, wouldn’t you like to see the toys and accessoties of an independent London escort?