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My hottest fantasy

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  • February 23, 2016

CleoI guess you don’t have to have too big of an imagination to loose track of time and wander off to one of those secret places in the middle of the day. Our unconscious mind usually does the work and make us dream about all the wonderful women we could be spending our time with during the night.
My – so far – biggest and darkest fantasies always involved more that just 2 people in the same place in a dark, warm room with some naughty toys to play around. With anything else in my live, whenever I think or dream about something I’m really passionate about, be it bright midday in the office or late at night in my sleep, I always end up craving for more, thinking for new ways to fulfill my fantasies. Since I’m curious by nature, having more then one partner to spend the night with at the same time was on the top of my list for a long time now. I decided a few weeks ago to finally live out my fantasies and make things happen.
Since I live in Mayfair, it wasn’t too hard to look up an escort agency nearby and I quickly found one where I liked almost all of the ladies. So I picked up the phone and asked if a couple of agency escorts  I chose would be available to visit me at my apartment for a Saturday night. The receptionist was very friendly, and soon we had a deal. I also got to talk to one of the girls in advance, to make sure they knew what all this was all about. They agreed to come for dinner and take our night from there. At the agreed hour, the two gorgeous escorts arrived at my apartment, exactly in the attire I asked them in. being a gentleman, I asked the nurse and the teacher if they would prefer a glass of wine before dinner. 
I felt very lucky to have these wonderfully sensual escorts around, even if for a short while. The dinner passed quickly, with more than just a few jokes and a lot of unspoken words of what was to come, soon I couldn’t wait for the night to begin…