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  • January 26, 2016

GeorginaA few days ago one of my buddies came to me with the usual idea of going out in town, have some fun and maybe score some chicks. Nothing new there, so I said yes. We set out rather early and started walking from one club to the next. It proved to be one of those very long nights out. A few hours passed by drinking and generally having fun, when one of us got the bright idea to book some escorts and make the night more enjoyable. He called around to some London escort agencies, and in a few minutes we’ve got a confirmation for three beautiful ladies. We arranged to meet them at our next stop, and explained what will be expected for the girls – mostly to keep up with us through the night. Not having met any escorts as such in my life, I was pretty excited. And as it turned out I had all the reasons to be. The girl I ended up with was simply gorgeous, although her friends were something to look at as well. We had a great time as the girls really knew their business and the night went on pretty quickly. After our 6th pit-stop I decided to go home as I had enough. Of course that my gorgeous London escort proposed to see me home and come in for a coffee. Since my buddies were all too busy with their escorts, I literally jumped on her offer and said yes. I knew very well it was going to cost me in the end, but I simply couldnt’ say no to her. I’m still thinking of those couple of hours as one of the best in my life.