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The temperature is rising!

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  • June 11, 2014

Wow, it seems like the summer has really arrived in a big way. I always look forward to it (who doesn't?) because everyone is so much more relaxed and up for having a good time. The streets of London are always packed on the warm evenings and I just love the whole vibe - it's like anything goes! As soon as the sun comes out it seems to melt  everyone's inhibitions away, including mine! I admit, I always feel extra naughty whenever there's hot weather. Maybe it's because I feel so much more liberated and I can get my summer wardrobe out and wear some really skimpy outfits. It's funny when I'm walking down the street in a mini skirt and a tight top which showcase my long legs, juicy bum and big boobs. Especially when I wear an outfit like that with my high heeled sandals. I love walking past a group of guys - they just stop talking and their eyes pop out! If I'm feeling especially horny I'll go commando - I don't even want to feel a lacy thong getting between me and the lovely warm breeze! I told you I was naughty! If you want to really enjoy the weather and be naughty you should get in touch with me at London Escort Agencies. We London escorts really know how to have a good time so make contact and we can have fun in the sun together.