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Watch your tongue

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  • March 3, 2016

CarmenAs an agency escort in London, I go out for a lot of dates, although I mostly prefer to work during the weekend. I try to arrange my bookings for at least a couple of hours, although I prefer dinner dates or overnights, as in my experience rushed things don’t have that thrill I get every time I manage to spend a few hours with a client and twist him around my little finger. I yes, I have a tiny bit of that dominatrix type of personality, which may be why most of my customers keep getting back for more…
This past weekend I got booked by a regular client to go out to dinner.  This wasn’t our first get-together as, for some months now, I expect him to call in the last week of every month for a date. He really likes role-playing and, since I have the stronger personality, he refers to me as his boss, while he’s one of my subordinates. The usual follows – we have a pleasant dinner and afterwards I ask him if he’d like to come up for a coffee to my apartment in Chelsea, since he doesn’t know I also work as an escort.
I always make sure my attire is provocative but not too unrevealing, usually a nice tight skirt and a pretty shirt (usually a bit smaller that I usually like to wear) unbuttoned so it is not exactly professional.  As a demanding boss, he likes it when I ask in a tone which doesn’t really give him any choice in the matter. All said and done, we had a pleasant dinner and, just as we were to leave the restaurant, a lady comes up to my client and salutes him. It was a very tense moment – and he almost presented me as his boss – which would’ve been a great mistake. I got ahead of him introducing myself as a manager from a rival company, hinting towards the business meeting we just had. Since he’s an architect, it wasn’t such a hard thing to believe. Of course, it helped that I had my coat on, so my pretty attire didn’t revealed anything suspicious.
By the time we got back to my Chelsea apartment we were laughing about the entire situation, and shortly got back to the boss / subordinate play. We enjoyed ourselves for the rest of our date, and I can tell this little meeting had a great effect on my client. I feared he might want to change our set-up, but the next day I got a call from him asking if I would be available for a date in a couple of weeks. As a London agency escort we value our clients and would do anything to keep their privacy, so I gladly said yes, being sure that I’ll have a couple of small lies ready, “just in case”.