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What type of escorts do you prefer?

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  • July 20, 2015

AdriannaIf I were to guess, I’d say that men could have an unending debate regarding the hottest types of girls. Some prefer brunettes and some blondes, yet there are those of us who really like the redheards, even if they are in a minority. And then again, many like bustier girls, whereas others prefer a lady with a more slimmer figure. And some men are going into extremes, be it that they prefer a BBW sized lady or the extra skinny ones. When it comes to their personality, some of you may like those that have an exlosive and naughty character, while others prefer to subdue their chosen one. Long story short, everybody has it’s own preferences.
The best thing is, agencies are usually trying to get many different girls for the exact same reason: there are no 2 men (or women) alike. However, if you really want to have the liberty of choice, with close to no restraints in your pickings, than you will check a directory that lists both escort agencies as well as independent escorts with hundreds of girls to choose from. We at 1stlondonescorts.co.uk are doing our best to keep you updated with the best pickings from London, be it about escort agencies or independent escorts.