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What you see is what you get

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  • December 9, 2015

CocoI always wandered why some of the escorts advertising themselves through agencies or as independent escorts are labeled as high-class escorts in London. Or in any other major city in the world, for that matter. I had my fare share of bookings over the years and I met different ladies from different nations: blondes and brunettes, some slimmer others curvier and so on. But for some reason, booking a high-class escort was never compelling for me. That’s up until last week, when I had my latest adventure in Bayswater, London.
A while back I saw a London agency escort who picked my interest and, since I was in London, I decided to call her agency for a booking. Based on what I read about this girl I was hoping I’ll enjoy her company so I booked her for a dinner date. At first it seemed she wasn’t so much different from the other girls I booked before, but then I began to understand what made her a high-class escort.  By the way she chatted with me at the table anyone who didn’t know us would’ve said we were just some old friends dining together, yet for me her body composure clearly showed that her interest in me was a bit more than just dining that night.
We talked about a great many things during dinner and she used every occasion to flirt with me, which simply picked my interest even more. So much so that I almost skipped over dessert, although that wouldn’t have been too nice to do. I guess she knew exactly how much I desired her by the time we got back to my hotel, because as soon as we closed the door she started something that became the hottest 2 hours I ever spent with a London escort.